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What is Brunaè Body?

Brunaè Body ™ is an Australian based sun cosmetics brand, devoted to giving our community tanned, rich and glowing skin. At Brunaè body, skin care meets tanning!

In our formulation we carefully selected a range of natural oils known to help with melanin production, helping you tan deeper, darker and faster.

All of our products are highly natural, and contain no fake-tan or bronzers. We believe in hydrating and nourishing your skin, which is why we have included super ingredients in all of our products. 

Where is it made?

Brunaè body is an Australian owned company, with all our products made in Australia too!

I struggle to tan.. Will this work?

Everyone is unique and so is their skin, so it is important to note that results are dependent on the user's skin type.

In saying that, we spent a number of years formulating our products to ensure that we could best help all of our babes skin types, as much as we possibly could.

For exceptional results, try our 1-3 Step process, which utilises new tanning technology, giving you the best chance possible to get that golden summer glow!

What is the difference between the oil and the lotion?

The lotion and the oil are both a part of our 1-2 step process, playing both different but important roles in supercharging your glow. The Key is to PREPARE then TAN.

Prepare: We recommend the lotion to be used liberally 5-7 days prior to sun exposure. The goal here is to prepare your skin with our new tanning technology so you can tan deeper, darker, faster.

Tan: For our tanning oil, this is designed to be used in the sun, for instance at the beach or by the pool.

When will I see results?

Results will vary from skin type to skin type, hence this will be dependent on the person. In some instances, we have seen results in as little as half an hour, although this is by no means a guarantee! Fairer skin types with lower natural levels of melanin may need more time to see results. Individuals with higher melanin levels may take less time to see results, again, this is all down to the user! 

Our products help aim to give you the best possible chance of your deepest tan potential in the shortest amount of time!

Are these products fake tan?

Certainly not! Brunaè products are not fake tan and do not contain any fake tan or bronzers. 

Do our products contain SPF/Sunscreen?

No. Our products do not contain SPF, and we do not guarantee the protection against harmful UV rays. We understand the dangers of excessive sun exposure and recommend taking a balanced approach to UV exposure.

We recommend the use of your desired SPF when exposing your skin to UV. We recommend applying Brunaè prior to your SPF.

We have SPF products in development so keep your eyes peeled!

What makes you different from any other tanning oil?

Our products are not your regular tanning oils! At Brunaè, we have a huge focus on skincare, and have selected high quality skin-care ingredients which are designed to hydrate and nourish your skin while you tan.

We have carefully formulated our products with natural oils that are known to assist with your body’s natural development of melanin, helping you tan darker with less time in the sun. 

Please see our About us page for more information on our key ingredients.

Where can I find ingredients information for each product?

A full ingredient list is available for your perusal on each product page.

Please see the various product pages below:

Accelerating Tanning Oil

Accelerating Tanning Lotion

Do we test on animals?

No!! Brunaè Body’s products are completely animal cruelty free, and also vegan!

How do I apply the products?

Apply all of our products liberally to all areas of your body. 

For our Accelerating Tanning Moisturiser as a daily moisturiser or 1 week prior to sun exposure.

For our Accelerating Tanning Oil, apply liberally and use anytime you like in the sun/sunbed. Reapply whenever necessary!

If it is your first time using our products, spot test before use. If irritation persists, discontinue use. For external use only!

Are we vegan?

Yes, Brunaè Body products are 100% vegan!

Can I use this while pregnant?

Yes, Brunaè Body’s products are safe to use during pregnancy. 

How long will my tan last?

Brunaè products help with your natural tan. The tan you achieve from the use of our products will fade like a normal tan. In saying that, hydrating your skin with our Moisturiser days after sun exposure may help prolong your tan.

Work if I have a fake tan on?

Certainly, we recommend having a shower before applying Brunaè Body after a fake tan.