Tanning Oils have become more popular over the last few years and it is easy to see why. Tanning Oils are the perfect beach essential to help you get an amazing dark summer tan. Whether you’re a tanning enthusiast or a newbie, this article will clear up what tanning oils actually do, how to use them and how to help ensure you are tanning safely. If used correctly, tanning oils can help you tan faster and darker without prolonged UV exposure. Although we are a sun tanning brand, always remember to practice safe tanning, the sun can cause harmful effects to the skin, including damage and skin cancer. 

How does tanning oil work?

Tanning Oils work by helping further attract UV rays coming in from then sun, intensifying the focus of UV onto your skin. As UV exposure increases, so too does the melanin produced in your skin. If you don’t know what melanin is, it is basically the stuff in your skin that makes it appear dark. The more melanin present in your skin, the darker your skin will be. We have a full page of information on Melanin Production. Tanning Oils may also help stimulate the melanocytes in your skin to produce even more melanin. Unlike traditional oils, our Accelerating Tanning Oil utlises a range of natural oils which are known to help stimulate melanin production, helping you tan faster and darker with minimal UV exposure. Check out our Accelerating Tanning Oil.

What are the benefits of tanning oils?

If used safely, tanning oils can have a wide range of benefits. Not only do they help speed up the tanning process, but they can also have other benefits such keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated. Therefore, it is important to select a tanning oil packed with high quality ingredients that will help nourish and hydrate your skin. Hydrating your skin during tanning is crucial, as prolonged sun exposure can really dry out your skin.

At Brunae Body, we aren’t just another sun tanning brand, we understand the importance of skin care and have included a range of researched, high-quality, highly natural ingredients in our formulas to nourish and hydrate your skin. Our highly natural Accelerating Tanning Oil is jam packed with incredible ingredients such as Avocado Oil which supports collagen metabolism for a plump complexion and nourish dry skin, Buriti Seed Oil which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient which may help reduce skin blemishes and Coconut Oil acts a super moisturizer. These are just a few of many, check out our other amazing ingredients.

Does Tanning Oil Work on Pale Skin?

Tanning oils can be used on most skin types. Whether you are on the darker side or the pale side, it is always important to spot test all skin care products. If issues or irritations occur, it is best to discontinue use!

In terms of results, paler skin types will find it more difficult to tan. This may be because paler people produce less melanin and hence may tan less/burn more. At Brunae Body, we have tested our products on a range of different skin types and have some seen some incredible results from our community.

Warning: Paler skin types tend to burn more, so please be careful of prolonged sun exposure and the dangers of the sun.

What are the risks of tanning oils?

When dealing with the sun, it is important to be safe always. Tanning Oils intensify the strong UV rays of the sun onto your skin, so it is crucial to understand this before tanning. UV rays can cause sunburn, wrinkles, and premature aging of the skin. Therefore, it is important to check whether your tanning oil has any SPF factor (sun protection).

Some tips for added sun protection is to always use and re-apply a strong factor SPF, try and limit sun exposure through out the day and to check the UV level (usually strongest from 12-3pm). We have some further information on the UV index on our Ultimate Tanning Routine blog post, click here for more information. 

Can I use tanning Oil with sunscreen?

Yes! In fact, we would recommend that you do. Our oil does not contain any SPF and will not protect you against the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, using a sunscreen with an SPF factor of your choice is recommended. You can apply sunscreen before or after the tanning oil depending on what your preference is.

Disclaimer: We recommend to do always your own research before tanning or getting sun exposure. Please note that that any advice given by Brunae Body is general advice only, as the information/advice does not take into account your specific situation. Therefore, you need to consider the appropriateness of the advice behaviour you act further. 

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