"I could not believe how dark I got - Jess" 

Attention our Brunae Babes, we have something amazing for you all. We have worked with our lovely community and spent hours collating responses, tips and tricks to give you an ultimate tanning routine to get you glowing as golden and as safely as possible.   

If you want help achieving the most amazing natural tan that will have everyone asking you "how did you get so bronze!", then strap yourselves in, we may have all the answers for you!

Before you even think about tanning.. here are a few important things to know. As with all things safety first... 

Find out your skin type, know your burn time!

We recommend to look at the Fitzpatrick’s skin chart to better understand what type of skin you have. Once you have found a type that aligns with your skin, you will have a better of indication of how quickly you may tan/burn. Please see the chart below:



The UV index and what you need to know about it.

Another important concept to understand regarding sun exposure is the UV index and UV more broadly. The UV index refers to a measurement of how strong the sun is. The higher the index, the higher the sun-burn production ultraviolet radiation. The UV that reaches the earths surface is commonly referred to as UVA and UVB. It is important for those who tan to know that UVB has the largest effect on the top layer of your skin, which is generally responsible for tanning, burning and redness. UVA is more important when you think about ageing and wrinkles, however both still pose skin cancer risks. Most sunscreens will offer protection to both UV-A and UV-B. Please also note that UV can still be present through clouds and wind, so just because the sun might not be out, it does not mean your skin is safe! Generally, the UV index is highest at 12-2.

People looking to tan may find that tanning for them works when they go in the sun from 6 – 10 UV index. From our community, we have found that most people tan from 11:30-4pm (please note this is the time where the sun will be the strongest and generally the most dangerous).

Pre-Tan Care 

1. Apply Brunae Accelerating Tanning Moisturiser 3-7 days prior to getting any sun exposure.

At Brunae Body, we spent a number of years formulated the perfect pre-sun product, which uses a specific range of natural oils that are known to help with melanin production. Now, you may be thinking what are these melanin levels.

This is a great question!

To keep it simple, melanin is just the stuff in your skin that makes it appear dark. Generally, people with higher levels of melanin are darker, tan faster and may burn less. For more information we have a whole page devoted to this beautiful thing that is in our skin.

Melanin Production

A community favourite Pre-Tan Tip: Exfoliating your skin before the day before you start applying the Brunae Accelerating Tanning Lotion will help ensure that dead skin cells are removed, the skin then may be primed to better absorb the lotion. This may further help the creation of melanin in the skin!

2. It’s Tanning Time!

Step 2: Find your spot in the sun and get comfy.

From our surveys, we found that the majority of customers love a beach lounge chair or simply to place a towel on the ground! Remember comfort is key.

A couple of things we recommend to bring out in the sun (with protection being the most important):

  • SPF/Sunscreen (of your choice)
  • Water bottle
  • Brunae Tanning Oil
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses – protect those eyes!
  • Snack – watermelon is a favourite
  • Book
  • Headphones

We recommend to choose an activity, make the most of it! Or just sit back with your summer vibe playlist and relax, you deserve it!

3. Apply Brunae Body Tanning Oil and SPF

Apply your Brunae Oil to the consistency you prefer and wait for the results. The Brunae Oil is enriched with a 100% natural complex of oils, and has been results tested on a range of different skin types (yes even our pale babes). Some customers report results in as little as 20 minutes!

WARNING!!! Please note that the Brunae Body Tanning Oil does not have any protection from the harmful rays of the sun (No SPF). Some customers prefer to put on SPF before our oil, others prefer to put it on after, it is really up to you!

4: Keep hydrated, cool, sun protected and re-apply Brunae when necessary

Being in the sun can make us overheat and get dehydrated, that is why keeping cool and drinking water is so important. If you aren’t by a pool/beach you can always cool off on the garden hose (we recommend the mist setting). Always remember to take breaks if you are overheating and fill up your water bottle if it finishes – hydration is key.

Water bottle hack: get a water bottle that is insulated, the water will stay colder even in hot climates!

It is also important to remember what time you last applied SPF and reapply if you feel you need to (this goes back to your skin type and the level of UV which we discussed before, paler skin types may need to be more cautious). It is always better to enjoy short bursts of sun exposure then to bake in the sun for hours!

Brunae Body is water resistant for a couple of hours, but it is still important to reapply every few hours for optimal results.

5: Chill out and enjoy the nice weather

Now that you have everything set up it is time to enjoy the sun and do what makes you happy.

From our survey we have a list of activities that our community love to do whilst tanning… here they are in no particular order:

  • Read
  • Listen to Music
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Meditate
  • Nap (although remember to be cautious of how long for)
  • Workout
  • Watch Netflix
  • Call/Facetime a friend

After Care

6. You’ve finished Tanning – now what?

Now that you have finished tanning, you probably want to have a shower and rinse off. If you are feeling brave, cold showers work wonders – especially for cooling your skin down. After you shower, we recommend to hydrate and moisturise the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated will help to keep your skin hydrated & healthy and help to seal in the tan.

You may also like to moisturise days after sun exposure, our Accelerating Tanning Lotion is a multipurpose lotion, which is packed with goodies which help your skin stay hydrated which may help prolong your tan!

Disclaimer: We recommend to do always your own research before tanning or getting sun exposure. Please note that that any advice given by Brunae Body is general advice only, as the information/advice does not take into account your specific situation. Repeated exposures to the sun may cause skin-damage even if you do not burn. Therefore, you need to consider the appropriateness of the advice behaviour you act further. 

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